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We do not limit ourselves to one class of materials but combine metals and plastics to create innovative composite products. Our customers come mainly from the automotive industry and from the medical engineering and household technology sectors. Together they have a high demand for efficiency and quality. We also produce components for the locking and building technology. From us you get everything from a single source: the metal inserts are prepared in our own punching workshop and receive a share of plastic during injection moulding. Tools for punching and injection moulding are also manufactured in-house!

The result are metal-plastic hybrid products with a high resilience and an integration of functions that often make further components superfluous.

Member of the OKE Group

As an international partner, we support our customers with all technologies at each of our locations.

Working at Schröder

Harmonise work, family and health. As part of the OKE group of companies, we offer many opportunities for your career entry, career change or new perspectives here in Herscheid, but also at other locations. Find out more about OKE as an employer here!

Member of the OKE Group

Production areas


We know exactly which tools perform best for punching and injection moulding. That is why we are happy to advise you and supervise the entire process even before tool design begins.

Punching and stamping technology

Our metalworking unit punches, draws and bends from all steels and non-ferrous metals on automatic punching machines with press forces between 800 and 2,500 kN.

Injection moulding

Our strength is the precise overmoulding of punched metal parts, streak-free visible parts and short cycle times.

Hybrid technology

The interplay of metal and plastic in hybrid technology gives us a real edge. But above all, our customers benefit from the best combination for functionally integrated components!

Assembly and automation

With hot gas, ultrasound, vibration and infra-red welding, pressing and bonding, we use a wide range of joining processes. We can document the assembly of individual parts up to complex component assemblies with up to 100% camera monitoring.


Our laboratory with 3D CNC measuring machines, profile projectors, roughness and contour measuring devices, tension/compression testing machines, CAQ system and much more currently achieves a standard of 3 ppm.

Automotive industry

Our products can be found in very different areas of all world-renowned vehicle brands. Together with our customers, we develop products and assemblies that meet high standards both aesthetically and functionally.

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Household electronics

The hybrid components for water-conducting household appliances defy the daily chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. Many customers use an upstream value creation potential analysis whereby we jointly determine optimisations with regard to production and material use.

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Due to the increasing awareness of more sustainable products and processes, the associated energy and resource efficiency, economical lightweight construction and increasing functional integration, we are working with more and more customers on the further development of cost-efficient metal-plastic hybrids.

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Medical engineering

Visible parts for medical devices meet the highest demands in terms of precision and optics. We also automate the integration of contacts, connectors, sealings and other elements.

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Our values

We take care


Whether customer, supplier, employee or manager: we treat each other with respect and fairness.


We make sure that you are well, we keep you informed and are open to your questions and suggestions.


Work is an opportunity to grow, learn something new and achieve common goals.

Provide a

Our customers are people who entrust us with their orders and pay us. Therefore, we give our best every day for their satisfaction.


We enjoy celebrating joint and personal successes. They motivate us to continue to move forward.


We use good ideas to create perfect solutions. To achieve this, we are prepared to break new ground.


We would rather risk making the wrong decision than nothing happening. Each employee has the opportunity to make decisions autonomously.


Work is a part of our lives that brings us joy, money and success. But we know: there is more than that.

Into a new century!

In 2024, we celebrate our 100th anniversary. Strictly speaking, however, there was already a forge before 1924, which was founded by Wilhelm Schröder. Stove and window knobs, bed hooks and all kinds of other everyday items were created under his management. A world war, economic crises, the history of industrialisation and globalisation lie behind us.

An eventful time in which Wilhelm Schröder continued to develop – and often reinvented itself. We carry this idea of development and transformation to our customers and are open to new technologies, processes, markets and challenges!


Gustav Schröder is regarded by us as the founder of the current site. The simple forge becomes a small production company with its first machines, more employees and customers. With automatic bed hook machines, an eccentric press, six machines for the production of tacks (rivets and nails for shoes) and a few small auxiliary machines, the path to industrial production begins.

Bankhaus Otto Geck declares bankruptcy – Gustav Schröder has to prove his entrepreneurial spirit in his very first business year. And he actually succeeds in making a fresh start.

The workforce grows, additional machines are purchased, and production and the product range are expanded.

German troops invade Poland. With the beginning of the war, the production of shoe pins and heel flaps for the soldiers’ boot production is rapidly growing.

Machinery and the entire warehouse are destroyed by shelling, and the buildings are destroyed down to their foundations. Gustav Schröder estimated the damage at around 300,000 marks.

Despite all the depression, reconstruction begins. However, enormous efforts are required before the factory building is back in its shell at the end of 1945.

Production is resumed. However, as the company has already been rebuilt by 1947, there is no entitlement to equalisation payments.

The currency reform puts the brakes on Gustav Schröder once again, as the Deutschmark devalues savings enormously. The conversion of labour wages with rising prices also reduces purchasing power.

The stable new currency and a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit bring an economic upturn. Our bed fittings are exported to Nigeria in their millions, and after the difficult years, we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

The manufacture of shoe fittings is discontinued and the stamping shop is expanded. In addition to production facilities such as automatic punching machines and presses, we also advertise our »well-trained staff«.

Our need for space increases and a two-storey extension is built. Gustav Schröder is nicknamed ›Schoppen (shed) Gustav‹, as from now on he expands shed by shed.

Plastic becomes THE material for industrial mass production. Gustav Schröder once again demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and enters the plastics production business in 1955, and the automotive industry places its first orders with us.

The first automatic punching presses are purchased – and the eccentric presses are phased out in the following years. This enables significantly more efficient production.

Generation change: Klaus Wilhelm Schröder joins the company on 1 April and manages the company until March 1999. First together with Manfred Ahlhaus and from 1985 with his nephew Dirk Ahlhaus. Dirk Ahlhaus remains with the company until 2007.

Even after the era of ›Schoppen Gustav‹, construction work continues to accompany us. A hall for the punching shop was opened in 1981, a punching shop and logistics building in 1997, and in 2014 we expanded our production areas by 4,000 square metres.

The development of plastics applications, technologies and interdisciplinary cooperation are important to us. That is why we are a founding member of the Lüdenscheid Plastics Institute, a network with over 400 members today.

Toolmaking is outsourced and the subsidiary schnitt+form is founded. In the same year, we officially fulfil DIN ISO 9001, followed by VDA 6.1 and QS 9000.

We start with the first automated assembly technology. A fully automated rotary table system for mechanical dishwashing components is one of the first applications.

Flooding is a recurring event in our company history. This year, we escaped with a scare. In order to be better prepared for the future, we are participating in the development of a flood protection concept.

Kai Okulla takes over Dirk Ahlhaus’ company shares, followed nine years later by those of Knut Schröder.

In the midst of the global financial and economic crisis, we set up a new plastics production facility with additional injection moulding machines of 200 and 550 tonnes for the partial production of hybrid parts made of metal and plastic.

The year is characterised by a major remodelling project: an additional 4,000 square metres and the restructuring of all work areas increase our efficiency. New offices and social areas are also created.

The international OKE Group becomes the sole owner of Wilhelm Schröder GmbH.

Health management is introduced. Fitness rooms, prevention and sports programmes are gradually created for all employees.

We are investing extensively in renewable energies with the construction of a large photovoltaic system.

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